Expansion works

This is where Swiss Post’s largest warehousing logistics center will be. Customer needs come first

Goods logistics is an important business area for Swiss Post. The company has many years’ experience and logistics expertise of the highest degree. Customer needs and economic viability come first whatever the service. The demand for qualified warehouse space is growing all the time.

Investment in the growing market 

This is why, as part of its “Swiss Post of tomorrow” strategy, Swiss Post is investing around 137 million francs in the urgently needed expansion of its logistics infrastructure and in qualified warehouse space. In doing so, Swiss Post is strengthening its position in the logistics sector, and committing itself to the location. There are other goods logistics sites in Dintikon, Oftringen, Pfungen, Mägenwil, Boncourt, Pratteln and neighbouring countries.

The state-of-the-art warehouse space available will more than double with the new development 

Thanks to this development, the qualified warehouse space available for goods and products, even those with special requirements, will more than double. Additionally, customers will have access to all other comprehensive services relating to warehousing logistics from a single source. These include: reliable national and international transportation of small consignments, in addition to night shipping services, warehousing logistics, installation services, returns management and customs clearance services.

The expansion of the LZV site will boost the economy

  • Sustainable reinforcement of Villmergen as a business location
  • The building in Aargau will become Swiss Post’s largest warehousing logistics center
  • Up to 100 additional full-time roles
  • Existing jobs will be preserved in the long term
  • Orders for the regional economy (e.g. construction companies, suppliers and service providers)
  • Location appeal is rising
  • Villmergen logistics center expansion works

    1. Current building 2. New intermediate building with 3,600 m2 of floor space and five levels 3. New extension with 1,600 m2 of floor space and five levels 4. 19,500 central section spaces and 105,000 small parts containers 5. 23,500 pallet spaces


Swiss Post will install a photovoltaic system on the roof of the new warehouse, and certify the building with an internationally recognized silver certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). This will ensure the new development meets the highest standards when it comes to sustainability as well.

Will the LZV result in more traffic?

We cannot rule out a rise in traffic outside the village as the infrastructure is expanded. Some of the additional traffic will be absorbed through transfers from other sites.

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